Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Doral Travel works with you to develop an itinerary in Cuba that is fully licensable under the procedures outlined by the United States Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). All travel through Doral Travel is fully authorized, licensed and legal.

The U.S. government authorizes people-to-people visits to Cuba, in which American travelers have educational exchange activities that will result in meaningful interactions between travelers and individuals in Cuba. All of our trips are fully licensed by the U.S. Government.

You should travel with us if you want the authentic Cuban experience. Doral Travel has years of experience arranging custom trips for small groups that want to experience a specific aspect of Cuban society or receive a general overview of contemporary life on the island. Contrasting other Cuba travel groups, Doral Travel prefers small group size, warm interactions and adventures during its visits.

Doral Travel wants your Cuba visit to be an enjoyable, interesting and meaningful experience from the beginning. We will handle everything from airfare, visas and medical insurance to backstage passes to the most sought after shows and musical performances. From the beginning, Doral Travel works with you to customize your trip, allowing you to select the site visits, cities, individuals and themes you find most interesting. All you need to do is let us know your interests and we will make sure you get exactly what you need.

If you have an interest in Cuba, whether specific or general, or just love meeting interesting people and exploring new cultures, our trips are right for you. Our general trips will give you a taste of everything (art, politics, history, etc.) and a good view of genuine Cuba. Our customized trips are designed to fit your needs, meaning we put together a fun, exciting and informative schedule based on your specific interests.

Some examples of trips that Doral Travel can arrange are: a small group of people that want to learn about Cuban music and arts; a family of history enthusiasts that have always wanted to visit Cuba; the cigar aficionados and the golf lovers; a couple that has always wanted to learn about Cuba’s nature reserves or bird watching; individuals interested in Cuban health care, with Doral Travel the possibilities are endless.